Parenting advice from the kidless lady

So True Unwanted Advice Kids Parents Tips

So True Unwanted Advice Kids Parents Tips

So True Unwanted Advice Kids Parents Tips

Doesn’t it drive you crazy?! It seriously drives me crazy. Some kidless woman will randomly tell me how to raise my kids better. It honestly takes all of me not to slap her. If I want advice, I’ll ask someone who has successfully, or is successfully raising their kid’s thanks!

But what do you do? Do you slap them? Haha, I wish. Do you just shut your mouth and smile politely? I know these people probably mean well, but really, it’s like a plumber giving me investment advice. I’m sure they have a little bit of knowledge, but not enough to give out advice. So I don’t shut my mouth. If I know they have no kids, I thank them and then let them know that I have plenty of good advice from other parents.

I could just say nothing, that might be easier, but I’m seriously tired of people judging moms. Aren’t you? Judge me as a person all you want, but until you’ve walked in these shoes, don’t think you know enough about it to give me advice. Believe it or not, this isn’t a rant, okay that’s totally a lie. But, it’s not a rant based on a recent event. I tell you where this came from.

The Advice You Get..

So I’m at the grocery store around 3 years ago, 😂  that’s right, 3 years ago. I’m buying iTunes gift cards for my ASD son to use as incentives for ABA therapy.  I’m explaining this to the cashier because she wants to know why I need the receipts printed out in a certain way. I know her, I’m aware she has no kids. When she finds out what they are for she looks at me and says, “don’t you think if you just take him fishing he will get better?” First of all, WHAT?! Second of all:


Yes, yes I’ll just take him fishing and he’ll magically be fixed and typical. I just smiled. Instead of standing up for myself as a mother and my special needs son, I just smiled and thanked her and left. I’ve always regretted it, which means I haven’t made that mistake again. But I mean, fishing? I can’t stop laughing even now.  I’m sure she meant well, but as I said, plumber, investments.

Unless you’ve ACTUALLY raised or are raising your own children, or the parent ACTUALLY asks you, it’s best to just assume that mama knows what her kids need and she’s doing her best. Speaking of mama’s have you guys checked out Ruby & Mable? If not, you really have to! They have THE BEST sarcastic and cute t-shirts I have ever seen! I’m seriously in love with them, and they are super affordable, which makes me even crazier about them.  Look at this shirt, ⬇️ you cannot tell me this shirt is not amazing! Funny Sayings Boy Girl Cute Mom Shirts

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Tell me your crazy stories of advice from kidless people below!

T, xx

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