What it’s like to have a VBAC

Tips Stories Affirmations and Success for VBAC Birth PlanTips Stories Affirmations and Success for VBAC Birth Plan

I feel like this is a subject that isn’t talked about enough! Which is a shame considering around 30% of births are cesareans.

It can be so upsetting to have to have a c-section after labouring for days. I know plenty of women go into labour with the mindset that anything can change so they try not to have their heart set on anything. This was not me! I went in with my first baby sure I was going to have a natural drug free birth. Wellll, let me tell you, after 27 hours of labouring drug-free and 5.5 hours of pushing drug-free, I was pretty heartbroken when I found out my son would be born via c-section. To be honest I was totally crushed! I was so tired once he was finally born that I don’t even remember our first 6 hours together. I found it very depressing and I was determined to do it right the next time.


Once I finally went into labour with my second child, over a week late, I was pretty hopeful of a VBAC. I opted to go with midwives as they were much more supportive of helping me achieve the goal of a vaginal birth. My labour was so much shorter with my daughter, but again when pushing time came, her head was stuck. Let me tell you when they dinged the code bluebell, I didn’t even know what to worry about. My mind went through about a million thoughts all at once. Those thoughts came to a dead stop when a large nurse came into the room and got on top of my left side. She pushed down so hard I thought I might pass out, but a second later my beautiful baby girl was out. They immediately took her stats as she had been stuck but thankfully she was fine. It was one of the greatest moments of my life when they placed her on my chest and I will never forget that feeling.

Tips Stories Affirmations and Success for VBAC Birth Plan

Completely different than a c-section I was up an walking an hour later, and even peeing! This was a total breeze compared to a c-section after labour! I’m not trying to brag to all you mama’s who’ve had the horrible experience of a cesarean after labour, but a vaginal birth was A-MAZING.

Was it worth it?

Because it worked out, of course, it was! But I did find out that my pelvis is quite small, so it’s hard to have a baby vaginally. With my last birth, it was a c-section 6 weeks early, there really was no choice. If you don’t have an anatomical reason for a c-section, a VBAC is so worth a try! You have to find a medical professional who will support you though! If you don’t have someone supportive, it’s not happening. That’s my number one advice. Of course, I’m no medical expert. But from one mama to another, who’s dreaming of having a baby placed on her chest seconds after birth, it’s definitely worth looking around to different midwives and doctors.

Have you had a cesarean and want a VBAC? What are your biggest concerns and fears? Let me know below and ask any Q’s you have!

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14 thoughts on “What it’s like to have a VBAC

  1. I’m so happy that everything worked out for you! I gave birth to both of my girls vaginally, but almost every other woman in my family has had multiple c-sections so I know that it’s a tough recovery. It’s important to be armed with this kind of information so that we can advocate for ourselves when the time comes!

  2. I love that a VBAC worked out for you. It can be very healing when you manage to get the birthing experience you wanted the second time around. And I agree, midwives are more supportive. I didn’t have c-sections but even so I went with midwives because I was induced and it was a long uphill battle and hours of pushing also with my first and I didn’t want a repeat of that.

  3. Everyone’s birth story is unique. I had a tough first labor and almost died! I felt robbed when my experience was “ruined” with the doctors having to try to save my life. Our society puts so much pressure on us to have perfect births. I had C-section the second time around and it was a great experience. Thanks for sharing your birth story !

  4. So glad you were able to have the positive birth experience you hoped for! You look so happy holding your sweet new baby!

  5. This is a really helpful post for anyone considering a vbac. I am glad yours turned out well. Sometimes a lot of people don’t realise a vbac is even a possibility.

  6. I can see why you are so happy to have had that bonding moment with your second baby after vaginal birth. My mum had a 26 hour labour and they did an emergency caesarian to deliver me after I went into fetal distress. She was sedated for 3 days after haemorrhaging during the surgery and only saw me when her surgeon came to check up on her and found out she had not seen me yet.

  7. When I had my third kid my doctor wouldn’t even discuss the option of a VBAC after I delivered my twins via cesarean. It didn’t bother me, though, because I had labored for 26 hours before my section the first time and did NOT want to go through that again!

  8. Very interesting read; thank you so much for sharing your personal story! I actually don’t want any children but fascinating to read about your journey.

  9. I had a vaginal birth with my oldest and then my twins needed a C-section. The c-section was so much easier, or maybe it was just that I anticipated the worst. So glad everything worked out for you and your little cutie!

  10. I’m glad that you found a medical professional that supported you through your vbac, and that everything worked out perfectly! I haven’t tried, but I do have a friend that tried for a vbac and was so glad that she did.

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