Ten things I want my daughter to know by the time she’s ten

Truths I Want My Ten Year Old Daughter To Know Mothers Daughters Moms
Truths I Want My Ten Year Old Daughter To Know Mothers Daughters MomsTruths I Want My Ten Year Old Daughter To Know Mothers Daughters Moms

This year my first daughter, Designer Diva, will be turning ten. In just two short months I will have been raising her for ten years. It feels like we’ve been together for such a short time. When I say ten years it sounds like a long time, but when it comes to your children ten years passes far too quickly right!?

My Designer Diva is the middle of three kids. She’s been amazing since the day she was born. She slept 8 hours in the hospital the first night I had her!! Ya, she’s that kinda kid. Don’t worry I have difficult kids too haha. She never said no to us until the age of four. She’s patient, beautiful and kind. She sings while doing almost everything and she has a natural love for piano. Her friends are constantly fighting over her and she seems to be everyone’s best friend. I can’t seem to think of one negative thing about her right now. Isn’t that always how it works when you’re approaching a milestone with your kids?

Ten Years

So much has changed in ten years and so much more will change in the next ten. Being a makeup artist means both my girls are exposed to things I normally wouldn’t want them exposed too. I try so hard to make sure that they learn to appreciate their natural beauty first.

It’s such a hard world for girls, so these are ten things that I have tried to teach my Designer Diva by the age of ten.

Ten Things I Want My Daughter To Know

  1. Sometimes you will have no one to turn too and lean on, know that God is there and you can always rely on him. Trust in him and keep him first in your life.
  2. Boys can be mean, but girls can be worse. Make sure you’re always the type of girl who is kind to others, try to put yourself in their position before you open your mouth.
  3. You have a large black and white portrait of Audrey Hepburn in your bathroom. This is to remind you that her famous quote is so true, “The happiest girls are the prettiest”. Beauty has nothing to do with the skin you wear or the body you’re in. Beauty really does come from inside and your happiness shines through every day!
  4. It’s all too easy to compare yourself to others, especially as you approach puberty. I’ve always tried to teach you to be happy with yourself, the things you dislike are the things other girls like so learn to appreciate EVERY part of you.
  5. Keep talking to me. I’ve told you a thousand times and I’ll probably tell you a thousand more. We are best friends and mother and daughter and always will be. Don’t ever be afraid to tell me something, I will always talk things through with you. I don’t want us to turn into strangers like so many mothers and daughters do in the teen years, please keep trusting me.
  6. It’s okay to stop being friends with someone. I know that you are responsible, much more responsible than most girls your age. If you see someone close to you headed down the wrong path and you’ve tried to help, don’t go down that path with them. I know it can be hard to let a friendship slide, but it’s important to do what’s right even when it’s hard.
  7. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first sometimes. Putting yourself first and being selfish are two different things. You can meet your needs and still be humble and selfless. You have two special needs siblings, it’s okay to ask for time alone or even time away.
  8. Dad and I love you just as much as your brother and sister. You might get less time with us because fair doesn’t mean everyone gets the same thing. Fair means everyone gets what they need. If you ever feel you’re not getting that and we haven’t clued in, don’t be afraid to tell us how you feel.
  9. Good friends make everything easier. You and S have a beautiful friendship. She is loyal and loves you so much. Keep working on talking through your problems and don’t ever let another person come between you. Having the support of someone your own age who has the same goals as you is irreplaceable. Make sure to let her know how much you appreciate and love her.
  10. Continue to be yourself. I know you feel like most of the girls in your class act like teenagers when they’re still kids. I want you to enjoy your childhood you can never get it back. It’s okay to still play with dolls and use your imagination. Don’t ever change because you’re worried about people judging you. You wouldn’t be you without your silliness and constant chatting. Don’t try to be someone else it will only cause you pain, be proud of your qualities and keep letting them shine through. You are the best version of you.

I love you, darling, I wouldn’t have made it to this point without you.

Mom, xoxo


27 thoughts on “Ten things I want my daughter to know by the time she’s ten

  1. This is so incredibly sweet. Some of these lessons a lot of adults need to learn. I love the one about continuing to be herself. Awesome list.

  2. These are great lists but I like the most the number 5, 8 and number 10 for me that are the most important things from all the lists.

  3. I adore this post! As a mom of a 13 year old daughter I know how hard it gets down the road. #6 ooooohhh #6! I have lived through # 6 all year with my daughter. She has made me so proud but I see how hard it has been for her to do the right thing. She has been ostracized at times or even bullied but she has always done the right thing. Keep writing these for your daughter and keep speaking these truths because she needs to hear them. <3

  4. Aww this is absolutely the sweetest list for your daughter! She is so blessed to have such a fabulous Mama!!

  5. These are wonderful tips for your daughter! I hope she definitely continues being as sweet as she is. And she is gorgeous! (Fend those boys off with a stick LOL)

  6. I love this list! Number 5 was my favorite. My daughter is only 2 but I hope she is open with me for forever!

  7. These are wonderful things to share with your daughter! She is so lucky to have a mom who works so hard to teach her the lessons she will need to know as she moves forward in life. Thanks for sharing, hopefully your words to her can inspire another girl-mom to talk to her own daughter about the things she wants her to know :).

  8. This is such a lovely post. I am sure when your daughter is ten she will have all this knowledge and much more. Wouldnt it be lovely if one day she read this back with you.

  9. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this, My daughter just turned 7 years old this year. time flies so fast, i would love to create this kind of list for my daughter too!

    1. Thank you! I love having girls!! I gave my son a “halfway” letter at 9 because I felt like his time living with me was kind of halfway through so I wanted to do something similar but not the exact same for my second child.

  10. My oldest daughter is 9. These are such wise words to live by for girls at this very impressionable age. Great letter! And happy birthday to your little girl!

    1. 😩😩 my oldest turned 12 in March, this is my middle and I’m so sad. They grow up WAY to fast. Once they hit school age it flies by.

  11. Those are beautiful things to tell your daughter. I like number one best. People can fall short, leave, die even be sick, God is there always. I had four children, but only one daughter and some of those I missed the mark on.

    1. Thanks! Number one I def feel is the most important. Life is so different for kids now it seems so much harder, I want her to remember how special she is 😊

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