How to clean when it just gets to be too much!

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Have you ever been there? Maybe you’re there now, sitting in your living room or bedroom, thinking about what a disaster everything is. You want everything to be clean and organized, but you just don’t even know where to start, or you’re totally lacking motivation. Honestly, you’ll clean it and it will feel like 5 minutes later it’s a disaster zone again.

I’ve been there girl. I’ve been where you’re at, sitting on my bed hiding in my room searching on Pinterest for ideas on how to organize and clean. I save them all to my cleaning board and then it’s time to make dinner in my sticky kitchen. Once again, I don’t get anything cleaned or caught up. It always seems to happen when summer hits. I love gardening and it tends to take over my life. I’m either outside or totally exhausted. The days I’m not one of those things, I want to be at the beach.

How To Start To Clean

So, how do you actually just start? Where do you start and with what? I’m going to give you my fail-proof method for starting and getting caught up in just a few days!

Okay, number one, this is not the kind of method where you start as you’re reading. That NEVER works for me, and I doubt it will for you. If you’re here, you’ve most likely tried a few different things that just didn’t motivate you. Plus, no one wants to stop reading an article, go do a task, then come back!

How do you get motivated? By doing just one small thing.

Making your bed.

I know this probably sounds a little off, like “T my bed is covered in crap I couldn’t make it if I tried, also I’ve been meaning to change those sheets for a week three weeks….” Oops. I know, I know, but just grab some laundry baskets and put all the crap in there, we will get to it. Don’t worry about the bedding one more night won’t kill you. Once you’ve made your bed, you will honestly feel better, and hopefully, a little motivated to do some more.

Science Behind The First Part Of My Method

You can skip through this to the next step if you want. But for those of you who want to know WHY this works, here it is. The thing is, your room is probably the last place to ever get cleaned. It’s probably the last on the list for places to organize and paint. It’s the dumping ground. When you become a parent, it always works that way. IT SUCKS. Our bedroom constantly has baskets of clothes the kids have grown out of and new ones they don’t wear that need to go. It’s where my craft projects always end up, or the supplies for a project I want to do. If company shows up, it’s definitely the place everything gets thrown if the house is messy that day. For thousands of reasons, it’s ridiculously messy.

But why? It’s the place I spend most of my time. The place I eat my secret stash of chocolate. One of the only places Dirty Gentleman and I can have a real conversation. Yet it never gets first treatment. Why would I feel motivated to clean the house and shine it up, then go to bed in my horrendous room?! So starting with your own space can feel good, it’s a way to put mama first. It only takes five minutes to spread the blankets out and throw the pillows on and it makes a HUGE difference.

Those Next Steps To Clean

After you make your bed, don’t sit back down till your at least a little happier about the state of things. If you want to move to more essential parts of the house, sort everything on your floor and other surfaces into baskets. Three baskets.

  • Basket 1 – Things to get rid of
  • Basket 2 – Things that don’t belong in here
  • Basket 3 -Things that need to be put away in here

Maybe some of those categories will take more than one basket. 😉 Now put those baskets out of the way and move on. To the kitchen. A kitchen is a place in the house where everybody in the family eventually has to go. You might have to make dinner, the kids might want a snack, your SO might need to eat ice cream. Pick something that’s not too hard but that you hate doing, and if your kids are old enough, assign it to them! My kids unload the dishwasher every day for me, I HATE putting dishes away. They’ve been doing it since they were old enough to get up on the counter to put dishes away. This small thing helps me so much. It’s there for me to load and turn on. Voila, I have at least one clean sink now. I can put all the dirty dishes in there and clean my counters. Suddenly, your kitchen looks kinda clean.

If your table is covered in stuff, grab one basket for things that belong in that room, grab the other baskets from your room for all the other stuff. A perfect chore for littles is sweeping or vacuuming. My little loves to Swiffer everything into a pile and then vacuum it up. While I’m doing something else, she does the floor in my kitchen. While all this is happening, put a quick load of laundry on. Before I start any room I try to put laundry on. *Pro suggestion: If your bedding from last time you changed your bed is sitting in a basket, put that in.

How To Get More Clean With Less Work
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So recently four years ago, we moved into a house twice the size of our first house with property 5 times bigger than our first property. Turns out, it takes a lot longer to clean it, or so I thought for the first few years. I was doing things wrong. I don’t think I ever thought about being efficient when I cleaned before, I just didn’t know how and I had a small space so it didn’t matter. Once I had our third baby, I realized I needed to step things up a notch.  But it wasn’t until owning a large home I started searching and trying out “efficient cleaning techniques”.  So here are some tips to help you.

  1. Like I mentioned above, ALWAYS put a load of laundry in before you start cleaning.
  2. If you’re in the kitchen, dry as you wipe down, it makes everything shinier quicker. Carry a tea towel over your shoulder.
  3. When you have three bathtubs to clean, invest in scrubbing bubbles aerosol
  4. Get into the habit of polishing your sinks everytime you wash your hands
  5. Honestly, this is like what you learn as a child but I’m totally guilty of it myself, put it away right after you use it!
  6. Have a set place for things  you use every day that isn’t a pain to get at
  7. If you have pets, Swiffer dry pads are amazing as are microfiber clothes cut to the Swiffer size a little dampened
  8. Keeping large appliances in bottom cupboards makes a load of difference to how clean your kitchen looks
  9. If you don’t have storage, DIY some!!
  10. Grab my free keep it clean list! 😉

What are your best tips and tricks for cleaning when you are totally unmotivated and lost??

T, xx


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10 thoughts on “How to clean when it just gets to be too much!

  1. I had an easier time of keeping my house clean when I was a working mom than I do now as a SAHM. All I can figure is that I let time get away from me, now. A cleaning schedule is DEFINITELY what I need!

    1. Yes, being home all day with kids it is definitely more of a struggle to keep things clean. I feel like there are people here to make a mess all day now!

  2. I totally just purged our house because we had so much stuff and I was spending literally ALL day cleaning! Putting things you use every day where it’s easily is such a good tip! I thought we were organized but I realized I was moving things to get to every day thing and getting lazy putting it all back!

    1. It’s so much extra work when you have to move things around to get to stuff, it takes up so much time in a day too. Thanks for reading!

  3. This is such a great post, I’ve really been lacking the motivation to clean lately. And honestly, when I do clean, I’ll admit it – I do a half-assed job because I”m just not in the mood. I really need to implement the suggestions you’ve listed here and see if they work for me.

  4. Yes! With little kids, work, etc a method for the madness is definitely appreciated! I try to break it down by either rooms or chores when I try to clean. Otherwise is is too overwhelming. I am also trying to declutter and eliminate things that don’t being me joy

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