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I’m so glad you’ve visited my Autism Resources post! Whether you have a child who has Autism, or perhaps you know a relative or someone else, or if you just came to educate yourself, welcome. I have two children who have Autism and so it felt necessary for me to provide as much education and information to people as possible on the disability. The majority of my blog is written from my experiences with my two special needs children. I have a typical daughter as well, who happens to be absolutely the best special needs sister I have ever known. She’s amazing with her siblings in all the right ways and has oodles of patience. I feel like she deserves praise here because, without her, I think I would be lost and probably crazy. She is always willing to learn new things to help them and to help herself in communicating with them and helping us teach them.

*Boast over*

I live in British Columbia Canada, so my resources for Autism will be totally different than most of yours. But lucky for you, I am friends with Autism parents from all over the world! Below you will find a series of posts from the wonderful Rachael who blogs at Mindful Rambles. She has a four-part series that I have linked below and it gives so much amazing information on Autism and on supports in the U.S.  If you’re looking for information these posts are highly informative and I really suggest checking them out!

Mindful Rambles Autism 101: What is Autism? {Part 1} 

 Mindful Rambles Autism 101: What to Look For? {Part 2} 

Mindful Rambles Autism 101: Supports & Interventions Overview {Part 3}

Mindful Rambles Autism 101: Support Strategies {Part 4}

These links will take you to National Autism and they have so many awesome products for Autistic kids or even for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder.

autism products 

autism weighted vests

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