My Husband, This Letter Is To You

When Your In Love With Your Husband
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My Love,
Next month will mark the beginning of our 8th year together. It honestly feels like just yesterday you became my husband. Each day you amaze me, I know you don’t believe that, but it’s honestly true.

I don’t want this to be a novel, and we both know how I can ramble, so I’m going to cut to the heart quickly.

When we met I was broken and missing too many pieces to be considered a  whole. You lit me up, your charm and compassion were something I desperately needed. You took on my two children without a thought. That truly made me fall in love with you. Some may say we didn’t get to know each other well enough, or that we rushed into things, but you and I know the truth. We’ve been madly in love with each other from day one, and after being together for 8 years, we are still madly in love with one another. You and I knew from our “sink or swim” moment, that we would make it work through whatever came our way.

I’m sure at that moment, you didn’t expect the impossible future that was ahead of us. I was vibrant and healthy, young and energetic. We had two beautiful children who seemed healthy and destined for greatness. We were young and, dare I say, naive. Back then if someone called one of us naive we would’ve taken it as such an insult! We had both lived so much in such a short time, I had two children and had been on my own from a young age, you owned a house and two vehicles. We were so ignorant of the cruelty that life has to offer though. If I could’ve looked into our next 8 years together, the honest love I felt for you would’ve been inclined to end things simply to spare you.

A Husband & Father

The day we married you got a full package! By our second anniversary, our firstborn was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD and our first biological child was constantly sick and in and out of the hospital. When our fourth anniversary rolled around, our third child was diagnosed with Autism, and I was in chronic, never-ending pain. The next two years challenged your love for me. You’ve truly put other husbands to shame.

I’m not saying that because you’re my husband. Trust me, I know your flaws like no one else on this earth! But your flaws are pushed into the background by your compassion, humor, strength, and honesty. Our life has been stressful, we’ve had to work through more than most young couples. But we’ve also had more joy and love because of that. It’s been 5 years since I was truly healthy, and you have had to take on the burden of a chronically ill wife. I know it’s not a light load to carry. I’ve seen it weigh you down over the years and push you to the brink sinking. I see how much it has aged you, how stressful it has been. I’m sorry for that. I’ve tried my hardest to take that weight off in every way I can think of.

A Support System

I wouldn’t normally admit this, but you’re much stronger than I am. I would’ve cracked long ago and given up. You have been beside me pushing me along, even carrying me on days I can’t carry myself. Your day consists of 13 dull frustrating hours at a job you’re not truly happy at, to coming home and helping me with the kids and the housework. You rarely complain, and some nights, when I simply can’t get out of bed, you do it all after a long day at work. Dinner, clean up, baths and bedtime. This is why you amaze me.

Throughout my hysterectomy, you were more supportive than I could’ve ever imagined. You’ve been understanding and compassionate, even giving me trouble for doing too much, which I secretly love. As a husband, you celebrate my triumphs and mourn my losses right along with me. I don’t know of any other man as supportive as you have been. Seriously. You’ve stood by me through all my crazy, sometimes, stupid ideas. You have listened to me talk endlessly about my blog and how far it’s come, and you’ve celebrated my first dollar and every great moment since then.  You made sure to hold me through tears of pain and loss and bring me out of my crazy place with reasonable logic. You’re always able to become exactly what I need in the moment I need it.

It would take me a thousand lifetimes to give you everything you’ve given to me.

Thank you, for being my partner, calming me down, fighting with me, celebrating with me, being a father to my children. For all the times you didn’t want to do something, but did it for me anyway, all the times you may have wanted to run for your life, but stayed. Thank you for supporting me in every way I needed, for loving me no matter what, making me feel beautiful even when I’m not. You’re a wonderful father and husband. I will love you longer than forever could stretch.

Banana Cream Pie,

T, xx


8 thoughts on “My Husband, This Letter Is To You

  1. Wow, what a beautiful letter to your husband. Congratulation on your 8 years of marriage. You and your husband are lucky to find each other. You two are meant to be together.

  2. Wow, that is love. You guys are great for dealing with such adversities and still remaining sane. Good luck for the many more years you guys will share as husband and wife.

  3. Beautiful letter to your husband! Sometimes we forget to actually stop and let our partners know how much we care about them.

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