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It’s Saturday. The one Saturday a month you get to see what my favorite thing is this month!

Happy Planners!

They are the greatest thing in the world for me right now. Besides maybe sleep…or wine. Okay, they rank up there with those really important things. I am a neurotic list maker, I know that. I’ve been using planners since I was about 10 years old. Sad but true. That means that I have tried a lot of different planners though.

Before I got a Happy Planner I was using a great neon orange planner and I loved it! Except, the pages I used most, like my busiest days and weeks, ended up ripping out. Very un-planner like. I got a Happy Planner last summer while we were camping down in Montana. You can get them at Michaels in Canada and at Hobby Lobby in the U.S., I’m not sure where else. But I’m going to show you why they are so amazing!

Happy Planner Best Planner

Glorious Rings!

Those rings mean that a page NEVER rips out and that you can add pages wherever you need too! You can take a page from last November and put it in for next week if you need to. It makes it totally customizable, and it means you can design and print out your own specific pages if you need too! Like a page on blogging goals for the week say ;). Or, laundry goals! Hahaha see Laundry Mountain & How To Actually Conquer It from earlier this week to be with us on that inside joke! Happy Planner also makes the cutest things to add into your planner though!  ↓↓↓                                                                                                                                 ↓↓↓

Best Happy Planner Accessories Best Happy Planner Accessories












Those stickies have saved my life multiple times, and they seriously stick! I’m not one to talk about the quality in sticky notes, but these things are powerful! Which is helpful when you have a busy week. The other “must” accessory you need for this planner, the sticker books. They make all kinds of different styles of stickers to help you schedule your days, and they are the perfect dimensions for the blocks in the planner! Plus, they’re really adorable and pretty. It honestly makes me look forward to Sunday nights when I plan out my week. My planner is the “Joy” planner. They come in all kinds of different themes for all kinds of different ladies. You can get them with a “Faith” theme, a “Food & Recipe” theme, just as a few examples. They also come in different sizes! This is a standard planner size, you can get a mini, or a large one too.

Some of them have different layouts too! I’ll show you mine and why I chose it, because there is another reason besides the fact that the theme is pink :).

Happy Planner Look Inside Choose Joy Happy Planner Look Inside Customizable Happy Planner Inside Look Best Planner

Make It What You Need

This is the inside of my Happy Planner. At the begginning of each month there is a place to set your goals and important dates. The next page is a month overview, and the days in this particular planner are vertical. That was something very important to me. I find it way easier to plan things this way and I think it looks nicer compared to having them go horizontal. Just my personal choice, but that’s the reason I have this particular theme. Here’s a peak at what it looks like with my terrible printing and the adorable stickers! *Sensitive information blurred for privacy.*

Best Planner for Bloggers

Interested in purchasing your own Happy Planner? I’m in love with this↓↓↓ one right now, and all the adorable accessories! Clicking the pictures will take you to price and other info 🙂         

This Box set is AMAZING though! ↓↓↓You get everything you need to get started for an awesome price.
I hope you enjoyed! What kind of planner is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

T xx





10 thoughts on “Saturday Pick Of The Month: Happy Planner

    1. Yes, I think I would really regret if I switched. I have taken a peek at the carpe diem ones, but I love that I can insert and take pages out of my Happy Planner.

    1. You really do! It has seriously changed my life. I love planning it and actually look forward to scheduling my crazy life now haha.

    1. How do you not have the stickers yet girl? Check them out, there are SO many different themes, just like with the planners themselves. All the accessories for it are just as cute as the planner.

    1. Thanks! So far everyone I have met who has one is totally in love with it. Such a great product, I waited SO long for one because I don’t live near any stores that sell it and wanted to actually SEE it before I bought it, well worth the wait:).

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