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Hey ya’ll! This week went by soooo quick! I think I slept half of it away. We went on a trip to Edmonton last week, which is around an 8 hour drive for us. You can imagine, me and my three in the car for that long. Little Miss Psychopath must’ve told me she was hungry 200 times, that’s not even and exaggeration, I’m pretty sure we hit 200 on the way there alone. I do pack lots of stuff to keep them occupied, and the bigs do great, but my little just doesn’t like not knowing. She hasn’t travelled there since she was around 18 months old, so she didn’t remember the road or anything. She has a really hard time with stuff like that, and I have a really hard time preparing her for stuff like that! Which totally makes it worse because I have waaayyyy less patience that means. I guess that’s why I took time this week for an art mama escape, see that post here.

I’ve been doing a lot more work on the blog lately, trying to help it grow. I’ve joined a few social networking groups, which means I’m exposed to a lot more blogs. There are some AMAZING mama’s out there writing! I came across a post yesterday, actually a few, on “mama problems”. It seems like maybe by the time December rolls around mom’s are all feeling kind of similar.




Do those feelings resonate with you? I know they do with me. When I actually sit down and have to face my thoughts, it flat out sucks. I feel like I’m never doing a good job, like I need more patience, but I also know I have NO more patience. I’m exhausted and want more sleep, but I also feel like I should be able to do it all without feeling that way. I’m stressed out SO OFTEN. But I feel like there are so many mom’s who have more reason’s to be stressed so I should feel lucky. Then I slap myself for thinking that way, and THAT makes me feel guilty. Oh man it’s a vicious cycle!

So what does any of this have to do with my pick of the week you ask? Or maybe you don’t even ask that anymore because I rant so often off topic hahaha. My pick of the week is YOU mama. You who came here to be my loyal reader today. Who feels tired and stressed and guilty, for honestly really bad reasons. You who desperately needs a break from that screaming toddler, but cries the second your away from them because you feel shame, guilt, and whatever other ugly monster decides to climb up on your back and drag you down. The mom who wants a clean house, and a happy husband, and well behaved children but is, quite literally, drowning in the laundry that fell behind yesterday.

I hate that there are so many of you out there who are comparing yourselves to some perfect mama! SHE DOESN’T EXIST! That mom who is on Facebook posting all her perfect pictures of her adorably dressed children, with her clean perfect house in the background, and her white smile and adoring handsome husband, that is not real. That is one snapshot of her life, and trust me, those little brats started screaming after that photo and that husband went to work all day that day and she cried in the bathroom with wine or chocolate just like the rest of us! So don’t compare yourself to something that is unattainable. Don”t compare yourself at all. I know you are doing your best. Your bff knows you are a great mom. Your mom knows how much laundry sucks. I am with you, all these amazing other mama bloggers are with you! If you need someone to cry on the phone with you in the bathroom, hit me up girl. I’m in there at least once a day, pretending to be “busy” while I actually play chess on my phone with a cup of wine coffee.

The photo for this post is my #messymommamoment #rawmotherhood. It looks like an ok beach day. Sir.E is the child on the left burying himself in sand as you can see, he is really enjoying it but doesn’t ever rinse off, his bff is the other one. ALL the toys spread on the beach in the photo are OURS. I’m there alone with four kids. Little Miss Psychopath is crying with sand in her eyes, and Designer Diva is the head and leg in the photo on the left, she is shouting at the boys and Little Miss Psychopath to clean up the toys. I am taking a photo…we left 20 min later, that’s how long it took to get them in the car with all those bloody toys. #motherhoodsucks

For me, and for every other mom out there, old or new, post your real life on social media. Be your real self. Show your real kids and your real life. #messymommamovement #thisismotherhood #rawmotherhood #honestparenting #teammotherly

T, xx


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  1. I love this movement. It’s so true that we need to post more real-life mom moments instead of getting caught up in the world of perfection on social media. Life is messy, imperfect and beautiful. Let’s let it be all of those things!

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