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This Saturday my pick of the week is a blog post. I have been a reader of Scary Mommy for many years now. I read her book when it first came out actually. Scary Mommy is a, usually funny, but totally truthful blog, about being a mother. The content comes from many different writers and it features a ton of different things, mostly about imperfect parents. But recently, I came across a post written by Katherine Fugate that I really enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much that, it’s my Pick of the Week!

Last year I lost a very dear friend. Our relationship ended due to her marrying an abusive man. Her situation then, definitely was not as bad as the situation in this article, but, as the writer says, “Everybody knew why. But nobody said a thing.¬†What we allow will continue. What continues will escalate.”¬†We’d been friends since birth and it was a very hard thing to go through. We haven’t spoken in over a year so I obviously cannot say how much the situation has escalated, but I do think of her often and of her daughter. I’m always here for her of course, if she needs anything. I did ask her to leave, I did involve the police, but ultimately, they told me it was her choice and that it takes a village to pull a woman from the grips of an abusive relationship.

The cycle of abuse is so hard because most times the victim has become so weakened by it, in mind and body, that they become easier to “brainwash” by the abuser. It becomes easier to control and manipulate them. It’s hard to know someone you love so much has fallen into a relationship like this. This article reminded me of her because, like the step-father in the article, her spouse indulged in large gifts for her and her daughter.¬†

Read the Pick of the Week post here.

If you are or think you may be a victim of abuse you can reach out by calling the centres in the area you live.

Alberta: Alberta Council Of Women’s Shelters¬†1-866-331-3933¬†website has a safety alert

British Columbia: Government of BC Domestic Violence 1-800-563-0808 website has an exit quickly option.

Saskatchewan: Mobile Crisis Helpline 306 757 0127                                                                             Rural Saskatchewan can call the Farm Stress Line  1 800 667 4442

Manitoba: Toll Free Province-Wide Domestic Abuse Crisis Line (24 hours) 1-877-977-0007

Ontario: Assaulted Women’s Helpline¬†1-866-863-0511¬†This website is great and you can call from anywhere in Canada! website has a cover your tracks option

Quebec: S.O.S. violence conjugale 1 800 363-9010 

Newfoundland & Labrador:THANL 709-739-6759 website has a safety option, crisis lines for each community that you can be connected to through here.

Nova Scotia: THA of Nova Scotia 1 855 225-0220 Novia Scotia Domestic Violence Resource Centre website is also great and has an emergency exit option with lots of resources and info.

PEI: Family Violence Prevention Services 1-800-240-9894

New Brunswick: Crossroads for Women 506-853-0811

Nunavut: Kamatsiaqtut Helpline 1 800 265-3333

Northwest Territories: NWT Helpline 1 800 661-0844

Yukon Territory:¬†Yukon Women’s Transition Home¬†1 867 668-5733¬†

USA: National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 website has a safety alert.

These numbers and websites were valid at the time this article was written. Coins & Babble author/s does not have affiliation with any of the programs or companies listed above nor does the author/s endorse any of them. They are simply listed above to try to provide support for women or family members in abusive situations who need someone to talk to. All phone numbers listed above are 24/7 hotlines.




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