A Photo Every Hour Tuesday

I haven’t ever done one of these so bare with me….

I thought you might like to see one of our days, brace yourselves!

6:30 AM Say goodby to Dirty Gentleman and grab a huge cup of joe.

7:30 Breakfast and lunch duty


8:30 Goodbye Big’s, to school for the day.



9:30 Little Miss Psychopath and I just finishing our appointment at Public Health


10:30 Designer Diva’s presentation at school, so proud of her she worked so hard on this the last two weeks!


11:30 & 12:30 Cozy up for some work on this beautiful blog


1:30 The view for my nap session. Love.


2:30 Oops we napped through 2:30….


3:30 Drop Sir.E off at therapy, he tried to escape his photo with only a little success, insert evil mom laugh. That twinkle in his eyes melts me though!


4:30 Dinner…Every. Day. I love those puppy eyes, and I love M&M meats! That’s where those ribs are from, 1 hour in cold water to defrost, 10-20 min to cook! Yes please.


5:30 Picked up Sir.E, now to get dinner in them. She HAS to pose if there’s a camera around #DesignerDiva


6:30 Oh, did I mention it’s bath night, all clean, three bathtubs in the house works well, except for cleaning 🙁


7:30 Bedtime for the girls


8:30 Goodnight my Sir.E….ahhh time to ourselves. We pretty much have a cup of tea together every night. Mmmm Peach tea


9:30 Done for the day. If your a mom, 9:30 is a great bedtime 😉

What are your days filled with?? Comment below!



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