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If your anything like me, you enjoy finding new things that make life better.

I’m always on the hunt for something…new apps, accessories, makeup, makeup, makeup, clothes, shoes, STEM toys for the kids, cleaning products, home decor, tips and tricks to make life easier…and way to many more to mention. I thought I’d share with ya’ll each Saturday, one of my favourite new “things”. The best Pick of the week, with photos, prices and all the details you need to make an informed decision that, you too, need this “thing”!

I am not getting paid for this review, nor did I receive this product free. This is my honest opinion of the product.

Let’s start with this beauty.

The colour in this photo is really accurate on my monitor as to what the actual colour of the watch is. First of all, I have baby wrists. The face is 40mm not including the crown, so it pretty much takes up my entire tiny wrist. These watches are AWESOME. Fanmis makes the cheapest watches, and for the price the quality is unbeatable. Plus, they’re adorable!

I purchased this watch in Rose Gold, it’s not super rose, but it’s not gold at all. The band was WAY to big so my Dirty Gentleman easily removed 5 links for me with a large paperclip. It probably would fit a man if any of you guys are interested in some bling on your arms ;). It’s a stainless steel band, with a fold-over-clasp. The two small outside buttons are just for show as far as I can tell, and the chronograph windows are for show as well. The date window works though. I’m loving it so far, it makes me feel fancy, it could make you feel fancy too! You can find the price and other details here .

Fanmis makes lots of other watches for just as cheap if not cheaper so check them out in the link!





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