Crafts when you’re to tired to put snow pants on

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of winter. It’s true, I live in British Columbia Canada and we do get snow here. I’m in the East Kootenays so it gets cold and snowy. I hibernate and try to find crafts for the kids to keep them busy. This year we completely skipped fall though.

No thanks.

The snow started to fly early November and so far it has stayed. While I enjoy the tobogganing and hot chocolate, I despise getting dressed up in winter gear and find it exhausting. Although, this year has been a bit easier as my Redbone hound is big enough to pull my Little Miss Psychopath in her sled, even up the tobogganing hill! Which means I don’t have to pull her on a sled. Hooray for The Baby.

So, enter the craft scene. I don’t mind sitting down and doing crafts for a little bit with the kids, but I’m not what you would call a “crafty mom”. This craft though, is the kind you set up and can just let them do on their own if they are over the age of 3 I would say, use your own mom discretion though.

So, we went to Walmart to buy some puffy paint, you can get it at some dollar stores too, but ours never has any. We bought sparkly purple, sparkly silver and a pack of glow in the dark as we were making winter themed window stickies. Puffy paint is also known as 3D fabric paint just to help you in your search. Walmart sells it at a great price and we had more then enough to do our project and we have left overs to do more. We will do more because all 3 of my kids LOVED it!

Supplies Needed:

  1. Wax Paper
  2. Puffy Paint (3D fabric paint)
  3. Glitter
  4. Printed designs of your choice or you could draw them
  5. Tape


  1. Print or draw out your designs. Here are the ones we used, but you could easily find your own to print out. Snowman Template  Small Snowflake  Large Snowflake
  2. Tape the designs to the table and tape wax paper over them. I set up a station for each of the kids because I set it up while they were at school and they just did it when they got home 🙂
  3. Put out the puffy paint and let them go to town tracing the designs
  4. When they were done they sprinkled glitter on some and not on others, personal choice.

They turned out adorable! You have to let them dry at least overnight, if your child was generous with the paint longer. We didn’t have the use of our kitchen table that night for dinner or for breakfast the next day. Not a chance it was getting cleaned up before breakfast. That part wasn’t a big deal for us, but if it bothers you they could be taped to a desk or any other surface your not worried about getting a little paint on. I love them because they are like the hilarious amazing artwork I usually put on my fridge from the kids that’s adorable, except I get to stick it to my windows all season!

My kids range in age from 4- almost 12 and they all loved it! They were also very excited to find out that the window stickies glow in the dark at night! Very fun craft and I didn’t have to sit there with them but it also kept them occupied. If you have any questions ask away 🙂 Have fun with your homemade stickies!

Here are some on the windows for your entertainment reference 😉



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