Enough of those weird looks

Recently, and in the past, I’ve gotten way to many weird looks when my blog title is said aloud.

Coins & Babble.

I cannot even tell you how many “old guy coin collectors” follow me on Etsy…. When I was first establishing a brand for my blog and I would type Coins & Babble into a search engine, it would bring up tons of coin collector websites too. Well, trust me, this name has nothing to do with collecting coins. I thought though, since I do get so many weird looks, it was time to give the history of this, in everyone’s opinion in my opinion, completely perfect name for my story.

See, when I first started on this small little journey of putting my writing and life out there for everyone, or no-one to read, I was pregnant with my Little Miss Psychopath. My Sir.E was an adorable little 6 year old….

Oh look! There he is ^^^^ :):). Told you he was adorable. Adorable, and totally obsessed with coins. Ahhhh, it’s all coming together now isn’t it? This guy would do ANYTHING for a coin. He collected them, analyzed them, knew which ones were from which years. My Sir.E memorized all the details of every precious penny, or nickel, or dime etc. he had. He was fascinated as a young child with metal objects in general, but from the ages of 4-7, coins held a special odd interest in his heart. I remember him dumping them all out on his carpet and flipping them so you couldn’t see the years, then stating the year of each one before he flipped it over so you could see he was right. So, basically, when I emerged into the world of writing, coins were half my life you see.

The other half? I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, was constant babbling, coming out of my Designer Diva’s mouth. Oh how that child loves to talk.

From the age of about 9 months old, my Designer Diva has been talking. She said her first words at a very young age, especially compared to Sir.E who didn’t speak until around 2 1/2 years old. Designer Diva began talking around 9-10 months of age and hasn’t shut up since. No, seriously though, it’s ridiculous. Sometimes I think she just talks to talk, she sings to herself while pooping! It’s like she just can’t be in silence. Even in her sleep she is babbling! Which is ok, most of the time. Once in a while everyone in the house tries to wear headphones without her knowing why. She tells story after story. Sometimes it’s totally amazing to hear what her little mind has inside of it. She’s funny and witty in her writing, and it’s honestly been a pleasure to watch her blossom into a great fiction writer.

By the time my Little Miss Psychopath was dubbed with that name, it seemed to late to change the title. I could’ve added something into it to represent her. But, the story started with just my two bigs around, and I wanted things to reflect that. Nobody ever knew why it was Coins & Babble anyway, except of course me and my bigs. And now, all of you. This story has always just been my honest and raw life from my point of view. From title to last word I will do my best to keep it that way.



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