T’s Tips & Tricks for Laparoscopy/Salpingectomy

There are so many T’s in that title…I’m loving it!

So you are going in for a laparoscopy? Or your just want to know what to have if ever you do!

I read a lot of articles before my surgery to figure out what was a necessity and what was not. I made lists and more lists and I printed lists from other list makers….in the end I didn’t need much though, and some of the stuff I did need I didn’t have on hand. So I’m making a NEW list of my own for anyone going in for day surgery, also for me for my next surgery because lets be honest, I’ll forget by then :).

Things I needed at the hospital:

  • Baggy pants and a baggy shirt, I cannot stress this enough.
  • If you have piercings, plastic retainers and something to hold your jewelry if you decide to wear it to the hospital
  • maxi pads unless your hospital provides them for you
  • the biggest panties you can find, unless they are provided at the hospital, my hospital provided those uber sexy stretchy mesh panties and the amazing thick and long maxi pads so I used those as well as brought a weeks worth home.
  • Phone and phone charger
  • Money for your partner or person coming with you and something for them to do
  • I brought lip chap, I might’ve used it, but with all those drugs in my system I really could care less about chapped lips
  • Easy to put on shoes!

That’s about all you need for the hospital. It’s honestly only one day and most of it you are sleeping off amazing drugs.

Things to have on/in your bedside table:

  • Your pain medication
  • Lip chap
  • Hand cream
  • Deodorant
  • Dry shampoo
  • Facial cleansing wipes
  • iPad
  • Chargers within reach (I wrapped mine through the bed post)
  • Throat drops, that breathing tube sucks
  • I had drawing stuff because I like to draw if your a reader, a good book
  • Your hair brush and elastics/bobby pins
  • A bowl in case you get sick from the general anesthesia
  • Water
  • A fibre solution, I bought fibre cookies, but I recommend something stronger
  • Your sleep mask if you use one

I think that is about all I had. It might seem like a lot, but trust me, no matter how tough you are, you are not gonna want to get up that first night. Your insides have just been jumbled, poked and in some cases cut out of you, it hurts. Your exhausted, and the less you can feel greasy and gross the better. I watched Netflix for most of my recovery time, upbeat cute movies like Under the Tuscan Sun. I totally took advantage of My Dirty Gentleman not watching with me and watched girly flicks for the most part. It doesn’t hurt to bad to laugh and you can get out of bed on your own by the second day if you roll onto your side and push up with your bottom arm. Getting on and off the toilet for the first night and day is hard, not only because of pain and being afraid to rip your incisions, but also because your legs can be super shaky from the trauma and drugs. My first shower I had my husband help me because I was feeling very weak and got light headed fairly quickly, also I couldn’t bend to wash my legs and what not so he helped with that and drying me. It’s not a horrendous surgery, but it is a surgery! Your tired after, more tired then you were before, and if your going in for an exploratory laparoscopy your probably approaching exhaustion from pain already, so take that and double it. Expect to need help around the house and with kids if you have them for a good week. After 3 days or so I was getting cabin fever but it was on day 3 that I started to get really bad gas pain in my back and chest and that my pain from surgery started to get worse. By day 4 I had to get out of bed and do something, I was going to go crazy, but it didn’t last long since within 15 minutes I wanted to lay down for a nap!

If you have questions feel free to ask as always! Have you gone for a laparoscopy? What were your essentials?




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