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This is part 3 in a series of posts, if you want to catch up on the story I suggest starting at the beginning with I like to call that disappointment and then go on to #2 which is T crashes and burns

Are you ready?

Do you want to hear more?

It will be hard to condense into one blog post because, lets be real, I like to get off topic. I’ll do my best 😉

Wednesday came and I was feeling a little more optimistic. I wasn’t back yet, but I was fighting for the positivity I’d had before this mess. I was starting to feel the surgery pain now. From the bottom of my belly button down to my pelvis was still red hot and burning. We wondered if it was infected, but I didn’t have a fever and wasn’t feeling all that horrible, I had an appointment with my GP on Thursday so we weren’t to concerned.  Out of all the pain and bruising I had, that was the worst though. In my last post you can see some of the green bruising coming out in the last pictures. Oh how it burned. Pain wise for those of you going in for a laparoscopy or salpingectomy, it wasn’t horrible for me. I have a fairly high pain tolerance normally, but I’m a slow healer, so I think it all balances out to normal. By slow healer, I mean my incisions just healed this month….it’s been 5 months since my surgery. I know, ridiculous right. I stayed on T3’s for about ten days after surgery. I started eating right away and bought a box of fibre cookies that I ate every day to help with constipation from the meds. They didn’t help a ton, I would suggest something a little stronger. Anyway, I will add a post on tips and tricks next time because I’m getting off topic again.

On Thursday it was my first venture out of the house. I put on my best sweats and we headed to my GP’s. He checked my incision for me and prescribed me another bottle of T3’s without caffeine. He didn’t really know what to say about my incisions, except they seemed to be healing fine. As far as the burning pain, he said it wasn’t an infection but if I did get a fever to go to the ER. Back home and I was exhausted from the outing. I slept the rest of the day. It rained that night, and the huge snowfall we got this year was melting.

Friday morning came and each day I was feeling a little bit better then the last. My mom and dad were leaving on Sunday and I was looking forward to having the house back to our family and to having our privacy back. My Little Miss Psychopath yelled from the basement around 11:30 A.M. “Winnie peed”. We all rolled our eyes and my wonderful husband got up to go see the damage. “It doesn’t look like pee” I heard him saying from the playroom. “Are you sure he did?” he asked our youngest. “Did you see him?” “No” she says and walks away. I hobble down the stairs to investigate myself. He’s right, it doesn’t look like pee. We put paper towel on it, nope not pee. Dirty Gentleman figures he should move the play rug and pull out the toy shelf to check out where the water is coming from. He can’t really tell so he mops it up and we leave it at that. Later that afternoon our basement flooded. Our beautiful therapy room, Sir.E’s room and the hallway. My dad and Dirty Gentleman start moving everything out of the therapy room first and get the shop vac going in there. Around dinner time the water is coming in fairly fast and we decide it’s time to move everything out of Sir.E’s room so as not to have his furniture ruined. I’m up and helping, but everyone is yelling at me to go lay down. Oh how I LOATHE laying down. Perhaps they don’t understand that the pain from my incision sites and surgery feels about the same as the pain I’m in on a day to day basis. Dirty Gentleman is concerned I’m going to rip my stitches open from bending and moving to much, so I stick to light things that I don’t need to bend for. By 9:00 that night the restoration company still hadn’t called back and neither had our insurance company. My in laws had shown up with there shop vac. Dirty Gentleman and his dad are outside shovelling snow away from the side of the house flooding, my dad is in the therapy room with a shop vac going non-stop and after my amazing mother in law finished cleaning my kitchen the way I like it and making me lay down, she goes and runs a shop vac in Sir.E’s room. I pass out around 11:00 pm, Dirty Gentleman comes to bed at 9:00 the next morning. He had to stay up the entire night to keep the water from ruining the SW side of our basement and I thank him for that as that is where my studio and most of my finished pieces reside. After he comes to bed my dad takes over vacuuming. Dirty Gentleman’s dad shows up at around 9:30 to continue snow removal from around the house. The house floods for the next two weeks or so. By the end, we are exhausted and find out, of course, that it’s not covered by insurance. We will figure it out we think. Thank goodness the province of BC put out a disaster relief fund for residents who had flooding during the exact dates we did! A month to two months or so later we received a cheque for 80% of the damages.

Within the three weeks after my surgery I went to talk to my OBGYN about what exactly happened with my surgery. He’s as shocked as I am. He wants to refer me to a specialist in Calgary, Dr.Belland. He says she is one of the best gynaecological surgeons in North America and that maybe she will see something he missed. He explains to me that the burning sensation I had been feeling was where they took out a very large adhesion. It was thick and stretched from my uterus up to my belly button. He couldn’t find any endometriosis. He did find that my uterus is very retroverted and retroflexed and that I should have excruciating back pain due to that. Whhhaaaat?! I should be in pain? No kidding. We finish up and he sends the referral to Dr. Belland’s office. Around a month later I finally get an appointment with Dr.Nevoue a Dr working with Dr. Belland. In May my mom and I make a day trip to Calgary and I sit down with Dr. Nevoue. She is lovely. She is knowledgable. She knows what she’s doing. She talks to me about chronic pelvic pain, and endometriosis. She books me in for a hysterectomy, which they tell me probably won’t be scheduled until January of 2018, I don’t mind waiting for a good doctor. Then she says “I just want to make sure that you know that a hysterectomy isn’t the end to this. It will fix the pain accompanied with your period, not the pain and buildup before.”

I cry again.

She talks to me about hormones and wants me to try an estrogen based pill. I’m willing to try almost anything at this point. She explains to me that even after my hyster I will have pain that they will need to try and manage with hormone therapy and other means. One step closer I guess?

I’m frustrated that this is still not the end. That even taking the organ out that is giving me so much grief won’t completely fix things. I guess it’s never that easy is it? Not for anyone. I’ve been on this journey to get rid of this pain for a year and a half. I’ve been in this type of pain since my Little miss psychopath was born four and a half years ago. It’s a long process.

So I shaved the side of my head. I thought what better time to do it then when I’m in the middle of a mental breakdown AND it’s on trend! It was honestly the best thing I did for myself mentally. Something about that buzzer on  your head and that pretty design just makes you feel so free and in control all at the same time. My Loveliest Red put it best “I guess Britney Spears just knew what to do”. Yes she did.

My Sir.E’s room is put back together now, new paint, flooring, walls and a few other things. The therapy room looks worse then the week it flooded. We will get there one day though.

I am in my fourth month of Lolo, the hormone pill, or rather birth control with estrogen in it. It helps a little as you don’t ovulate or get your period, but the past two weeks have been horrendous for me. I had my first episode of breakthrough bleeding, and out came some nice hard white tissue. Which Dr.Google tells me could be a few different things. I did think about a week ago that I had a cyst that burst and wondered if it was that. I showed Dirty Gentleman to freak him out and it worked well. It was one of the strangest things, but according to my research (scouring the internet for hours until I find the thing most like what mine is) it’s fairly common, most women describe it as chicken skin and I think this description is fairly accurate. I picked mine up since it was on the paper, it’s hard and white, not like discharge, harder then a clot, and quite large. I had two of them. I know it couldn’t have been a miscarriage since, well, I have no fallopian tubes now. Any thoughts leave them in the comments section :).

Well, that is where we are at. I told you it would be long. Also, I’m feeling kind of tired from being in so much pain lately, I believe it’s called “pain fog” it’s sort of like mommy brain except you don’t have a beautiful round tummy to blame it on, well sometimes you do because the pain results in extreme bloating haha, but if there are spelling and grammar errors that’s why. Until around this time next week, have a beautiful sunny summer lovelies.

T xoxo

My Dirty Gentleman and I on an afternoon date. A partner in life worth having






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