"can me play with my play-doh mom?"

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Little miss Psychopath :”Can me play with my play-doh mom?”

Me:”No, you can’t play with your play-doh”….*imagining play-doh covering kitchen floor for third day in a row*

LMP: “uhhhhh-huh….where my one sipper mom, where my one sipper”

Me: “I’m not sure” *translation, where are my warm slippers mom?*

She leaves for exactly 30 sec….. *THUD*

Me: *shudders* *Loses exactly 6 more strands of hair* ….*yells from living room* “you ok?”




Little miss  psychopath: *yells from bathroom* “Me doooooone”……”me doooooone” “ME DOOOONE MOM!”

Me: *goes to bathroom* “Are you all done?”

LMP: *in irritated voice* “Nooohooaa”

Me: “ok…..are you done now?”

LMP: “Yup”

Me: *Wipes her bottom”

LMP: “Me go watch show now?”

Me: *sigh of relief* “Sure” *proceed to daughters room to investigate earlier thud….uggghhh shouldn’t that have sounded like more than one thud??*Toddlers make messes way to quick

LMP: “Me play play-doh now?”

Me: *wonders if Family doctor will take my uterus out yet*






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